In the world of art and design, licensing as many know, has become a major industry. Manufacturers around the world are now able to display it on almost anything you can imagine. The possibilities seem endless, but it all starts with great art.

FireCloud Design Group has a passion for creativity and offers a broad range of artwork and designs created by artists who are among the best in the world. Our purpose at FCDG is to provide, for our artists, a creative and supportive environment. For our customers, a close working relationship offering an involved, detailed and personal design development service.

We license existing designs as well as accept assignments for individual artists or the group as a whole. Our artists can work hand in hand with the licensee or depending on the licensee’s requirements, take a more passive role in the design phase of the product.

FCDG offers the license of designs to various industries, including: gift ware, apparel, aviation, and professional sports. Our artist’s cover a wide variety of design styles, techniques and subjects from contemporary fine art to trendy, humor, traditional, juvenile and cute.

Our goal is to continue building our library of art and design, research current trends and stay focused on building relationships that endure while helping our partners grow their business.

For more information on licensing opportunities and our artist and designers, please fill out our contact form. You may also reach us at 336.229.7331(EST)

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