Youth Ministry Logos

Design that empowers
your church or ministry
to effectively reach
more people for Christ.

Hey...if your involved in youth ministry and you’re trying to decide what to do about a easy. At Firecloud Design Group we’re in ministry also. In fact, one of our staff travels around the country and internationally ministering to youth and speaking in school assemblies. So we know how tough this ministry can sometimes be. But, we believe it’s one of the most important in the church today. That’s why FireCloud is dedicated to helping you establish the right look or identity for your unique ministry. Remember, you don’t have a cookie-cutter ministry... so why have a cookie -cutter logo.

At FireCloud, we make the process easy and give you personal attention, so that we can design the logo that best expresses the heart of your ministry.





















What are our clients saying about us?
Firecloud ROCKS!!!   I was simply astonished and amazed at the spectacular design that they came up with for our youth ministry after simply giving them our youth slogan of 90 Degrees.  If you want first-rate professionalism, 5 star PR, and creativity that will "WOW" your organization or ministry I would definately go with Firecloud.  Be prepared to be impressed.

Kevin VaLeu (Associate/Youth Pastor of Riverside Baptist Church Graham NC)

Did you know...?  Logo design and logos date back to ancient Greece. The word "logo" means a name, symbol or trademark designed for easy recognition. Many early Greek and Roman coins bear the monograms or logos of rulers or towns. The most famous of these early logos is the "Sacred Monogram", which is formed by the conjunction of the first two Greek letters of XR, S, T, O, and S; (Christ), usually with the A (alpha) and O (omega) of the Apocalypse on each side of the coin. During the 15th century, the interlaced I.H.S. was also adopted as the "Sacred Monogram".


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